Keeping up with the corporate mission to promote ‘environment friendly’ technologies, Ayursukha, a subsidiary of Agri Gold launched Ayurvedic Services and Health care products. The objective was to provide healthcare to the needy in a natural way, replete with herbal formulations sourced from the rich heritage of Ayurveda, the traditional system of Indian Vedic civilization.

In interpreting the renaissance of Ayurveda, Ayursukha Ayurvedic MultiSpeciality Vaidyalaya has always maintained its focus on top priorities. The Vaidyalaya is guided by the Agri Gold Group and emphasizes on bringing the much needed knowledge and bliss creating powerful waves to the forefront, emerging as centers of Perfect Health.

The competence led it to tread on the untrodden path for bringing safe and effective health care solutions of contemporary relevance into practice. The clinically proven therapies for various diseases affecting man today are in tune with this thinking. It aims at treating the patient in a systematic way so as to suit the individual needs of the patient.

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