Our natural state is one of health, happiness and an inner sense of well-being. Good health is defined as the body being free from toxins, the mind being at peace, emotions being calm and happy, wastes efficiently eliminated and organs functioning well.

Living in a busy, stressful and toxic world causes deterioration in normal bodily functions. This eventually weakens our system and opens the door to chronic, degenerative and non-specific diseases. These may evolve into serious specific diseases, ultimately damaging an individual’s health and wellness beyond repair.

There are many medicinal systems that evolved through generations all over the world, but Ayurveda alone looks into the wellbeing of the body as well as the mind. One of the challenges faced by the 5000-year-old health care system is its adaption to the requirements of contemporary ethos while maintaining focus on complete healing without side effects or after effects. This challenge is coupled with convenience in usage.

Agri Gold took this challenge by establishing Ayursukha multi-speciality Ayurvedic Vaidyalaya at different locations.

A dedicated team of over 25 full time qualified health, hygiene, beauty consultants, dieticians and trained technicians treat the patients on a daily basis at Agrigold Ayursukha Vaidyalaya.

Ayursukha performs a wide range of treatments as well as therapy techniques to help rectify imbalances within the physiology. Many of these therapies involve two techniques which work in harmony on either side of the body. Most therapies are luxuriously relaxing to soothe the body, calm the mind and in alignment with the soul, while others are more stimulating to energize the body and mobilize impurities.

Treatment plans differ from person to person and are tailored so that a thorough investigation in diagnosis and relevant medicinal/therapy system could be prescribed. Based on the prescription, the treatment packages will be decided upon to help make the patient healthy.

About Devanaagari

This is the window to wellness programmes; wellness of the human body and mind without antibiotics and aspirins. Research has indicated that one’s lifestyle affects one’s health greatly. Devanaagari is customized for each and every client by Agrigold Ayursukha.

Every individual receives a unique programme that is tailored to his/her needs. Exotic body scrubs and facials are provided, using a unique range of natural products and a selection of body, head and foot treatments incorporating herbs and spices to cleanse, detoxify, invigorate and regenerate your body. Indulge yourself in the modern concept of spa services and experience a totally relaxing ambience of joy.

Gentlemen Premium Services French Manicure Treatments SPA Facials
Hair Spa
Royal Facials
Dreamy Colours
Spa Foot Reflexology
Foot Spa
Exotic Body Polishing
Body Tucks
Pimple And Acne Treatments
Dandruff Treatment
Wrinkles Treatment
Hair Straighting
Papaya Facials
Chocolate Facial
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Nitrogen Facials
Oxyrich Facials

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